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I want an efficient way to finding out sub-images from a Image for Ex. we have a image of country map and it contain states as sub-image. Then i need a way to finding out sub-images of states from country map.

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You might adapt the technique seen in this answer, using the 'border color' as the target color to identify. – Andrew Thompson Jul 29 '13 at 1:29
"we have a image of country map" How big is the image (in bytes)? Can you upload it to ImageShack or another image sharing site? – Andrew Thompson Jul 29 '13 at 1:30

If you have only pixels, you'll need image processing algorithms to find sub-images.

Your solution will be specific to what the image you are processing looks like. For example, if states are outlined in a certain color, you could try edge detection. If states are each different colors, you could run a flood fill like algorithm to create boundaries for each state.

This is a difficult problem. Try computer vision or object recognition for keywords in your research.

However, I suggest instead you build up vector files which define boundaries of subimages by hand. If you've only a few to do, this isn't a big deal.

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