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The Netflix and YouTube apps supporting Chromecast show the MediaRouteButton in the action bar, but the Sender App Tutorial only shows how to display it in a layout. How do you display it in the action bar?

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You can display it in the action bar by adding it to your action bar menu:


Then you provide initialization in onCreateOptionsMenu:

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu( Menu menu ) {

    getMenuInflater().inflate( R.menu.main, menu );

    MenuItem mediaRouteItem = menu.findItem( R.id.action_mediaroute );
    mMediaRouteButton = (MediaRouteButton) mediaRouteItem.getActionView();

    mCastContext = new CastContext( getApplicationContext() );
    MediaRouteHelper.registerMinimalMediaRouteProvider( mCastContext, this );
    mMediaRouter = MediaRouter.getInstance( getApplicationContext() );
    mMediaRouteSelector = MediaRouteHelper.buildMediaRouteSelector( MediaRouteHelper.CATEGORY_CAST );
    mMediaRouteButton.setRouteSelector( mMediaRouteSelector );
    mMediaRouterCallback = new MyMediaRouterCallback();

    return true;
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Please give me a solution to display cast icon in actionbar using ActionBarSherlock lib. Thanks –  Huy Duong Tu Oct 30 '13 at 9:54
If I add that code on onCreateOptionsMenu then I get an always disabled button. If I put it on onPrepareOptionsMenu then the button works fine, unless I rotate the screen in which case it goes back to enabled even if I had already selected a device. Had any issues like that? –  mntgoat Jan 6 '14 at 22:19

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