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I'm part of a dev team that's tired of being used as a crutch by the rest of the organization. I want to start to build a document repository of how-tos, work-arounds and other information that instead of doing the work for others, or having problems that users can resolve on their own being dropped on our laps I want to be able to send links to online content to users who post problems.

I want the system to be searchable, online so that users can search and access the system over the web, it should also have an issue tracking/ management system so users can add issues and track their status as the ticket info changes.

I am thinking of share point and ilient. ( I would prefer a free tool, but paid is fine too.

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You are looking for a knowledge base combined with an issue tracker I think –  Joe Philllips Aug 25 '10 at 21:42

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We just switched to using FogBugz for our bug / issue tracking. The discussion forums and wikis are a great feature to use for how-to's, workarounds, etc. You can even setup community users so that your user base can contribute to both the discussion groups and wikis.

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Take a look at YouTrack. It is perfect bug tracking solution from JetBrains company (they mede ReSharper)

See demos here:

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It's really great for issue reporting and handling. Not that great for project management yet but it's evolving. It's keyboard-centric, all AJAX, provides search query language with keyword completion, rich issue assignment through both commands and menu items, whichever suits you best. In terms of issue reporting, it's one of the easiest tools I've seen: you basically press Alt+Insert, describe your issue, type Ctrl+Enter, and you're done. To track issue changes, there are e-mail and jabber notifications + customizable tags. Please take my advice with caution as I'm a JetBrains employee :) –  gorohoroh Oct 7 '10 at 14:00

Especially if you already are using Subversion, then Trac is an excellent choice.

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+1. Free, nicely integrated, easy to set up / administrate / use. The cross-linking between Wiki, tracker and Subversion commit comments is especially useful when used competently. –  DevSolar Nov 27 '09 at 10:53

If you want;

you can use google wave,

and google docs

  • You don't need manage and maintain tools.
  • Free
  • Simple
  • Collaborative
  • Connect from everywhere

If don't ;

Trac is best project management and issue tracking tool for me.

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you can try : –  baybora.oren Aug 26 '11 at 8:27

Where I work we have a few different solutions in use:

Manage Engine - This is our help solution for sending in IS support requests. This is useful for tracking changes, incidents, and service requests all in one package. Not great for bugs though so beware the limitations.

FogBugz - This is used by our product development department for tracking feature requests, bugs and enhancements of current products.

HP Quality Center - This is used by my team for tracking bugs as well as some test automation. While there are some nice features, it is also not a light software package.

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You have the option for both paid and free tools:

For paid ones:

HP Quality Center

For free ones:


You can also get the list of tools from the below link:

Bug tracking tools list

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Our team uses Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio, so Bugtracker.NET was a pretty easy choice. Adding a few required custom fields was easy. It has full text search capability, which has been quite useful. We've been using it about 17 months and in that time something like 1800 issues have been recorded, so the system has really been in use and not quietly forgotten soon after installation...

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We use Redmine, which is free, open source and seems to cover most? of your needs. Check out the demo.

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I would agree that Trac is a great choice for issue tracking. I've used it many times on past web development projects.

Another one to take a look at is Intervals. Our web agency built it to handle issue tracking in the context of project management.

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I found some Project Management tools and web based time tracking software links

Hope you will find this tool good for you.....

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Two more for you to consider:

1) JIRA. This is the standard project management / issue tracking software used by so, so many startups and medium-sized companies out there. It's not cheap, but it works for medium and large teams; has lots of plugins; and is easy to extend.

2) Trello. It is SUPER lightweight and probably doesn't have half the features that you need, but it's free and extraordinarily easy to use. I've used it to manage task load for small teams of engineers (2-4).

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