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I stumbled across VagrantUp for automated local dev setups. The process of setting up a Vagrant config in a dev environment seems straightforward:

  1. Vagrant creates a VirtualBox
  2. Runs scripts inside that box based on the Vagrant config

As I understand it, a VirtualBox is a headless Ubuntu. So for my Mac (local environment) this works great. But what if I want to run a Vagrant config (such as VVV) not just on my local machine but on a production & staging VPS Ubuntu box as well?

I obviously don't want a virtual/headless Ubuntu running inside of Ubuntu, but I do want the rest of the benefits.

So how to I run a Vagrant config on Ubuntu (so my local and production match up)?

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You could see if there is a Vagrant provider for the host you use.

Using a custom vagrant provider allows you to "point" vagrant at a remote server and use it just like you do locally.

Examples include:

An alternative would be to run a puppet or chef server that provisions both your dev and other environments. Vagrant can easily be setup to work with both of these, as well as many other configuration management tools.

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