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I have an interface which multiple enums are implementing, i.e

public interface MinorCodes {
    public abstract int code();
    public abstract String description();

public enum IdentityMinorCodes implements MinorCodes {
    IDENTITY_UPLOAD_PICTURE_CODE(1, "Error while trying to upload a picture."),

Now I want to have a custom annotation which has a value type of one of these concrete enum values, i.e

public @interface PokenService {
    MinorCodes[] exceptions();

But of course I cannot return an interface here.

Does anyone know any solution or workaround to this?

Thanks in advance.

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You could create an additional enum that wraps all your MinorCodes enum values:

public enum MinorCodesWrapper {

    private final MinorCodes _wrapped;

    MinorCodesWrapper(MinorCodes wrapped) {
        _wrapped = wrapped;

    public MinorCodes getWrapped() {
        return _wrapped;

public @interface PokenService {
    MinorCodesWrapper[] exceptions();

Not pretty, but works ;)

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