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I have got script like that:

cd /home/gamesimport/
ls -t games*.xml | tail -n+2 | xargs rm
mv games*.xml games_ok.xml

It's just deleting old games*.xml files, renaming the lastest games.xml file but I would like also to change name if games.xml file is larger then 1 MB. How would I do that?

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FILESIZE=$(stat -c%s games_ok.xml) 
if [ $FILESIZE -ge $MAX ]; then
#do something else

should work

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No spaces in MAX=1048576 otherwise MAX: command not found. –  Jens Jul 28 '13 at 20:50

Simply, use find:

find some/where -name games\*.xml -size +1M -exec mv {} {}.big \;
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thank you guys, both works great! –  SubZeroFX Jul 29 '13 at 11:42

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