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Is there a method or way to get each next element from a stream?

For example if there is a stream looking like

def natural: Stream[Long] = {
  def naturalHelper: Long => Stream[Long] = {
    n => n #:: naturalHelper(n+1)

val s = natural

I'm looking for something like s.next(), returning 2 on the first call, s.next() = 3 on the next call, and so on... without using var.

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Make it an iterator

val s = natural.iterator
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Right on. And if that's the only thing you plan on doing with the Stream, you probably shouldn't be using a Stream at all, since Streams save results and will eventually eat up all of your memory. –  AmigoNico Jul 29 '13 at 19:07
I agree with @AmigoNico any method with counter inside will do the job. –  mulya Feb 25 at 12:26

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