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I have a project which has several custom descriptors written for the assembly plugin. Is there a way to run only one of those descriptors at a time instead of the whole bunch? I tried using the descriptors switch as documented here, passing in the full path to the one descriptor that I wanted to run, but instead it's running all of the descriptors in my app's main pom file, seeming to ignore the switch I specified.

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What are the steps to reproduce, what version of the plugin are you using, how is it configured exactly, can you provide your pom.xml. Please, help the readers a bit... – Pascal Thivent Nov 24 '09 at 16:54
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Probably the easiest way to do so, is by using Maven Profiles.

Define some profiles in your pom.xml:


Then you use that particular property for the configuration of the assembly plugin:


Then run your maven build with the -P option: mvn -P profile-1 compile

So, summarized, if you choose a profile at buildtime, the property assembly-config will be set depending on the defined profile. The assembly configuration depends in that case on the chosen profile.

Hope this helps!

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I was hoping it wouldn't come to that, but I can't see any other way to do it either. Thanks. – UrLicht Dec 2 '09 at 18:15

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