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I'm a beginner to C++, so please forgive me for the novice question. I want to be able to add and use Bjarn Stroustrup's header file std_lib_facilities.h in C4droid, but the instructions given on the google play page are too vague for me. My android device is also new and unfamiliar to me.

Where do I put the header file (which I have on my PC) to allow it to work in a simple "hello world" program? Also, what method do I use to transfer it to it's appropriate location?

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From the guide:

Note that different compilation systems and programmer communities have different conventions for where to put header files. The book assumes that a header file is in the same directory/folder as the .cpp files and uses "plain" #include "std_lib_facilities.h". If that doesn't work, try #include "../std_lib_facilities.h" (one level up) and #include "../../std_lib_facilities.h" (two levels up).

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