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I am trying to make a class that simply holds and retrieves simple string variables.

Here is what i have in the User.php file (the class)

class User {

//private variables
private $u_s;
private $p_w;

public function _construct($u_s, $p_w){
    $this->u_s = $u_s;
    $this->p_w = md5($p_w);

function getUsername(){
    return $this->u_s;

function getPassword(){
    return $this->p_w;


and here is the index.php file


       $u = new User("Jake", "pass");
       echo $u->getUsername() + "\n" + $u->getPassword();

Why does this not work?

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You mistyped __construct. There should be two underscores, not one.

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Concat char in PHP is . (dot), not + (plus) sign:


$u = new User("Jake", "pass");
echo $u->getUsername() . "\n" . $u->getPassword();

And as adpalumbo said you mistyped __construct

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