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I am using SingalR for my Chat Application. Wanted to play with Redis and SignalR but I cannot find an working example where i can send msg to specific connectionId. Below Code that works for a single server instance. But when i make it a Web Garden with 3 process it stops working as my server instance that gets the message cannot find the connectionId for that destination UserId to send the message.

private readonly static ConnectionMapping<string> _connections = new ConnectionMapping<string>();
        public void Send(string sendTo, string message, string from)
            string fromclientid = Context.QueryString["clientid"];

            foreach (var connectionId in _connections.GetConnections(sendTo))
                Clients.Client(connectionId).send(fromclientid, message);


            Clients.Caller.send(sendTo, "me: " + message);


            public override Task OnConnected()
            int clientid = Convert.ToInt32(Context.QueryString["clientid"]);

            _connections.Add(clientid.ToString(), Context.ConnectionId);


I have used the example below to setup my box and code but none of them have examples for sending from one client to specific client or group of specific clients.

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The ConnectionMapping instance in your Hub class will not synced across different SignalR server instances. You need to use permanent external storage such as a database or a Windows Azure table. Refer to this link for more details:


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