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i am trying to parse json data from remote URL using Jquery. My data is in below format:

    "UserId": "5",
    "Name": "Syed",
    "Lat": "23.193458922305805",
    "Long": "77.43331186580654",
    "EmailId": "syedrizwan@ats.in",
    "LocationUpdatedAt": ""
    "UserId": "98",
    "Name": "Michael Catholic",
    "Lat": "23.221318",
    "Long": "77.42625",
    "EmailId": "michaelcatholic@gmail.com",
    "LocationUpdatedAt": ""

i have checked the data in json lint and it says it is correct data format. when i try to run it on my HTML page , it returns a blank page. My HTML code is a below:

<title>Jquery Json</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
    $.getJSON('http://localhost/fbJson/json.php', function(results){


I am trying to retrieve names from the json string

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results is an array of items, so you have to consider which item you want.

Normally, you'd go over the array in a loop, in a fashion similar to that:

$.getJSON('http://localhost/fbJson/json.php', function(results){
    for(var i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {
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There is an array of objects, you can reach them directly by using the index

   $.getJSON('http://localhost/fbJson/json.php', function(results){

If you wish to iterate over the array you can use $.each and pass the results into it

   $.each(results, function(key, val) {
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Your json format is correct. Use this code to access name in first row array:

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