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I'm making a multiplayer flash game in Actionscript 3.0, using Flash CS4 IDE.

I'm not sure what kind of animation would perform best (higher frames per second) in a game. Frame based or maybe use the motion tween, also would it be best to do say the motion tweens by calling a frame or by calling a method with the animation code in it?

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Frame base, don't use filters, and don't put too many clips into scene. – Ast Derek Nov 24 '09 at 17:39
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For better framerates:

  • move your game sprites with code, a little bit every frame
  • use PNG source art instead of vector, so you can set stage quality to LOW with no visible aliasing
  • use scrollrect to eliminate drawing objects outside the visible bounds of your game
  • remove objects from the display list, don't just set visible=false
  • recycle objects in your code instead of constantly creating new instances. Learn about using object pools
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we meet again :)

Use bitmaps and containers

Use cache as bitmap for vector movieclips if you don't change their size and it has a lot of load.

Try to avoid filters and lots of transparent objects one on top of each other

Use time based animation rather than frame based animation; (if you need it I'll build an example of this and post it on soon)

Until then check the following: (I recommend vector tutorials) (Bitmap usage in games)

Regards, Oliver

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