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I haz shell script like this:

while true;do
    curl -s | egrep -o 'sth'
    sleep 60

How can I get the total memory usage of process bash and curl and egrep and sleep at runtime?

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you can use the ps command:

 ps aux | grep <scriptName>
 ps aux | grep "curl -s example"
 ps aux | grep "egrap -s 'sth'"
 ps aux | grep "sleep 60"

the 3rd and 4th columns are cpu and mem (you can get them using awk)

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You could also combine all those four lines into a single one using grep's -e option: ps axu | grep -e <scriptname> -e "curl -s example" -e "egrep -s 'sth'" -e "sleep 60" | cut -f3,4. Even if you want the code to span multiple lines (e.g. for cosmetic reasons) you can still do this by ending all but the final line with backslash (``) but then you start only one instance of grep instead of four. – mschilli Jul 29 '13 at 12:31

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