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I have an EditText that is to collect input for a basic calculator. I want to bring up the numeric keyboard, and thus I set android:inputType to numberDecimal|numberSigned. Problem is, the EditText filters out all characters that aren't numeric, such as "(", ")", "/", "*".

I have tried overriding this behavior by setting a custom InputFilter which filters nothing out, but it seems to have no affect on the EditText.

Is there any way for me to display the numeric soft keyboard without the filtering behavior?

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Not a direct answer, but I believe setting the inputType to the phone one will allow those characters through.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't. I tried by creating an EditText and setting "android:inputType" to "phone". Typing letter on the keyboard just outputs numbers. Anything I missed? – kwogger Dec 8 '09 at 3:55

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