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I know there are three approach to get an object's prototype, in the follow example the three approach result are the same:

    function Person(name) {
        this.name = name;

    Person.prototype.say = function () {

    var person = new Person();

    console.log(person.constructor.prototype); //Person {say: function}
    console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(person)); //Person {say: function}
    console.log(person.__proto__); //Person {say: function}

but when check an object which create by Object.create, the result seems different:

    var person = {
        name: "Lee",
        age: "12"

    var per1 = Object.create(person);

    console.log(per1.constructor.prototype) //Object {}
    console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(per1)) //Object {name: "Lee", age: "12"}
    console.log(per1.__proto__) //Object {name: "Lee", age: "12"}

Doesn't the object will follow its constructor function's prototype? How to explain the above example?

See the demo here: http://jsfiddle.net/hh54188/A9SsM/

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getPrototypeof was just an implementation of __proto__ but they are both considered deprecated or non-standard now. As for your third example, I do not believe you got any output because it should be per1.prototype.constructor. If you didn't mean that, I can not find that function documented anywhere within constructor.

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