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So I've seen telephone links being treated in 2 different ways on mobile safari on web pages. (on ipad and ipod touch):

1 - On my one page, when I click on the link it just displays a popup saying: "Cannot Open Page. Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid" HTML code looks like: <a href="tel:15551234455">1-555-123-4455</a> (just an example of what my real number looks like) Also here I'm using plain HMTL mobile boilerplate as codebase

2 - On another page, when I click on the link, it displays a popup giving the user 2 options, Add to Contacts and Copy. HTML code looks like: <a data-height-watch="" class="button button-block no-border trackConversion" href="tel:15551234455" style="height: 40px;">Call 1-555-123-4455</a> (another example of the real code) Runs on Foundation Zurb

Is this something one can control progammatically? If so, how can I make sure the user is met with the 2nd "response"? Does it maybe have to do with Foundation Zurb?

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As far as i know this depends on device specifications. Also if you have any third party plugins installed in your device such as skype, then it may work differenty.

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