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I've made a mistake and forgot to specify keyword arguments in defgeneric the first time I've compiled it. Now I really don't want to restart SLIME only to redefine this one defgeneric to include more arguments. Is there a way to "undefine" it somehow?

Oh, sorry, never mind, after removing all methods defined for that generic, SBCL redefined it, so it's all good now:

(remove-method #'some-generic 
  (find-method #'some-generic '() (list of method types)))

For posterity.

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See fmakunbound.

(fmakunbound 'some-generic)
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oh, yes, that would be a lot easier. –  user797257 Jul 29 '13 at 11:22

SLIME has the command control-c control-u to undefine a function. Set the cursor on the function symbol and then type the sequence.

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Another possibility would be to compile one or more methods with the additional arguments and then, after your Common Lisp implementation "complains" about the unknown parameters, select the restart which updates the arguments available in the generic function.

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Heh, now I've come to conclusion, I actually want it back w/o the keywords... this appears to be harder :) Just to make sure: my only options at the restart, when I define incompatible methods are to either quit or abort... it doesn't offer to replace anything. –  user797257 Jul 29 '13 at 10:57

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