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I have the following query:

last_entry = Table.query \
                  .group_by(Table.email) \
                  .order_by(Table.date) \

results = db.session.query(User, last_entry.c.id)  \
    .outerjoin(last_entry, User.email == last_entry.c.email)

This gets the the needed data, however I am unable to access this "last_entry" row data. How to get that to show in the template?

I am rendering it with this line:

return render_template('users.html', users=results.all())

I have tried some solutions with user['last_entry'] and similar things, but without success. I can access the data from the User table, by just using fields from User table, like user['first_name'], but can't do the same for the joined table.

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In the session.query() you should specify a list of entities that you want to see in the results:

results = db.session.query(User, last_entry).outerjoin(last_entry, User.email == last_entry.c.email)

Or, you can make use of add_entity():

results = session.query(User).outerjoin(last_entry, User.email == last_entry.c.email).add_entity(last_entry)

Hope that helps.

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Hmmm, the first suggestion looks similar to my line as well? But I still can't access that last_entry value. It should be available as user['last_entry']? –  wont_compile Jul 29 '13 at 17:02
Should be. Btw, can you try to pass results to the template as is, like return render_template('users.html', users=results)? –  alecxe Jul 29 '13 at 17:35
This lead me to a right answer. The solution, when I went through "user in users", was to reference the user.Class.property, and that additional field I added was available user.id, and that solved the issue. Thanks for the help! –  wont_compile Aug 12 '13 at 12:12

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