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I am using gen_mod and gen_fsm. gen_mod is process all iq request ,in one case i have start gen_fsm and maintainchat that module . if first user give iq request and create gen_fsm module pid and working good .but meanwhile i have send another iq by different user,i got error from gen_fsm module {error,{already_started,<0.478.0>}. but some what know this is reason first user iq was generate pid for gen_fsm,but second user iq could not create new pid for that user because already that module started.i would think gen_fsm module add under the supervisor ,so each user can create pid for gen_fsm module and can maintain chat. please let me know is this way right or have anyother way?

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It sounds like you're starting each gen_fsm process with a registered name. That means that starting another one will cause a collision and fail with already_started, since that name is already taken.

If you're not using the registered name, you can start the process without one. Presumably your code has a line like this:

gen_fsm:start_link({local, ?SERVER}, my_module, [], [])

Just remove the first argument:

gen_fsm:start_link(my_module, [], [])
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