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I am using ehcache-spring-annotations to cache my application data.

I have below method for same:

@Cacheable(cacheName = "myCache")
public Customer load(Long customerId) {
      return new Customer("Narendra", 34);

My requirement is that, I want to load all customers into cache at application startup not each time when I call load(long customerId) method. Is there any way in ehcache-spring-annotations where I can store all customers into cache with single method call?

For example: If I have customers map like Map<Long, Customer> which is fetched at application startup and I want to have kind of below method which can help to store all customers into cache with single method call

@Cacheable(cacheName = "myCache")
public Customer putAll(Map<Long, Customer> allCustomers) {
  //Other Code here
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Did you find a workaround or solution on this? – membersound Jan 14 '15 at 10:31
I have to load it manually during server start up. – Narendra Verma Jan 25 '15 at 5:44

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