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I'm trying to create a simple application, written in Ruby via Qt. I designed a form (MainForm) in a Qt Designer and translated it via rbuic4 to the Ruby code representation. The pure untouched result has four methods, and looks like this:

** Form generated from reading ui file 'stackover.ui'
** Created: Р’С‚ 24. РЅРѕСЏ 21:15:02 2009
**      by: Qt User Interface Compiler version 4.3.1
** WARNING! All changes made in this file will be lost when recompiling ui file!

class Ui_MainWindow
    attr_reader :centralwidget
    attr_reader :pushButton
    attr_reader :listView
    attr_reader :menubar
    attr_reader :statusbar

    def setupUi(mainWindow)
    @centralwidget = Qt::Widget.new(mainWindow)
    @pushButton = Qt::PushButton.new(@centralwidget)
    @pushButton.setGeometry(Qt::Rect.new(10, 10, 75, 23))
    @listView = Qt::ListView.new(@centralwidget)
    @listView.setGeometry(Qt::Rect.new(10, 40, 431, 192))
    @menubar = Qt::MenuBar.new(mainWindow)
    @menubar.setGeometry(Qt::Rect.new(0, 0, 451, 21))
    @statusbar = Qt::StatusBar.new(mainWindow)


    size = Qt::Size.new(451, 276)
    size = size.expandedTo(mainWindow.minimumSizeHint())

    end # setupUi

    def setup_ui(mainWindow)

    def retranslateUi(mainWindow)
    mainWindow.setWindowTitle(Qt::Application.translate("MainWindow", "MainWindow", nil, Qt::Application::UnicodeUTF8))
    @pushButton.setText(Qt::Application.translate("MainWindow", "PushButton", nil, Qt::Application::UnicodeUTF8))
    end # retranslateUi

    def retranslate_ui(mainWindow)


module Ui
    class MainWindow < Ui_MainWindow
end  # module Ui

The major idea is to create a Ruby-Qt application, to run my small Ruby apps with GUI - as for now I don't need all the power of Qt library.

I'm aware of this great example, but it shows off a different generated code for the .ui file. Or did they managed to alter it somehow? Anyway, their example works fine, while I can't make my own working properly.

I just don't know what to do with my generated file, how to go further and make a connection with my Ruby program... Maybe my rbuic4 is wrong? Or am I'm running it with incorrect options (I'm an -o option) to get the arachnoid-like template?

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The easiest way to actually DO something with your code is to regenerate it like this:

rbuic4 -x stackover.ui -o stackover.ui.rb

Than run the generated stackover.ui.rb file like this:

ruby stackover.ui.rb

Hope it helps.

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Well, Ok. As far as I cannot find the exact use of the mentioned generated file, I decided to copy-paste component init. code to another Ruby-Qt template app, where's everything is clear for me. Thus QtDesigner and rbui4 are only useful for quick form design/translation, which should be then followed by all required manual polishing.

Waiting for newer version of rbuic4 and QtRuby support of urgent version of Qt.

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