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i have file in my testserver. In my code i have to read that txt file which is located in test server. how to create path to that file which is in server using my code in vb6.

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Can you use some kind of config file to tell you where this file is? Or a database METADATA entry. How do you know where your server is? If you have a staic link to that, it could help.

This link should give you a very good idea of how to open, read a text file line by line

Reading a Text file Line by Line

Now all you need to try, is using your path, to see if you have access to the fille, and if you can reach it.

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this is where i have my file "\\PSGSPHX02\NORS\Rs\ClientUpdate\" –  pbrp Nov 24 '09 at 19:46
see edit to answer. hope that helps. –  Adriaan Stander Nov 24 '09 at 19:59

You Need a Internet transfer control...


Dim txt As String
txt = Inet1.OpenURL ("[PATH]")

'you got the file in txt << string : ) this works on text files!!!!

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