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I have a raw grabbed data from spectrometer that was working on wifi (802.11b) channel 6. (two laptops in ad-hoc ping each other).

I would like to decode this data in matlab. I see them as complex vector with 4.6 mln of complex samples. I see their spectrum quite nice. I am looking document a bit less complicated as IEEE 802.11 standard (which I have).

I can share measurement data to other people.

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If your data is really raw then you basically have to build every piece of the signal processing chain in software, which is possible but not really straightforward. Have you checked the relevant wikipedia page? You might use gnuradio instead of starting from scratch.

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I have used 802.11 IEEE standard to code and decode data on matlab. Coding data is an easy task. Decoding is a bit more sophisticated.

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I agree with Stan, it is going to be tough doing everything yourself. you may get some ideas from the projects on CGRAN like :


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There's now a few solutions around for decoding 802.11 using Software Defined Radio (SDR) techniques. As mentioned in a previous answer there is software that is based on gnuradio - specifically there's gr-ieee802-11 and also 802.11n+. Plus the higher end SDR boards like WARP utilise FPGA based implementations of 802.11. There's also a bunch of implementations of 802.11 for Matlab available e.g. 802.11a.

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