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I have two tables -

User - expires

Interest - user_id,content

I want to get all Users who have an expiry greater than now and whose interests contain a specified term.

I've tried

Interest.where('content LIKE ?','%#{search_term}%')

and then getting the Users from that but I'm looking for a single query way to do this.

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User.joins(:interests).where('interests.content LIKE ? and users.expires > ?', "%#{search_term}", Time.now)
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Thanks for that Marek. After some work with the console, I just got this working. –  A23 Jul 29 '13 at 13:15

Try this. I'm assuming that a user has_many :interests.

User.joins(:interests).where('interests.content LIKE ?', "%#{search_term}%")
  .where('expires > ?', Time.now)

You might also want to look at the squeel gem, as it has some nicer ways to express conditions like this that look more ruby-ish.

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I was just about to post a solution for this but you beat me to it! Thanks sockmonk! And the squeel gem looks great. Will check it out. –  A23 Jul 29 '13 at 13:14

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