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I want to read the first line of a command output with. but I get an empty message.

I used

ls | read line
echo $line #nothing displayed

Why the line variable is empty and how to fix that?

The following code works. but I want to read only the first line

ls | while read line; do 
    echo $line

If it's not possible with read, is it possible to do it with other functions like grep, awk, sed ?

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Don't parse ls. Use for line in *; do to iterate over files. –  chepner Jul 29 '13 at 15:13

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The read does read the first line, but it is being executed in a subshell. But you can do:

ls | { read line; 
  echo $line;
  # other commands using $line;
# After the braces, $line is whatever it was before the braces.
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You can use

read line <<< "$(ls)"
printf "%s\n" "$line"

But as already mentioned, please, PLEASE, PLEASE do not parse ls output!

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