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I have trouble manipulating a Json array after parsing it.

I pass the following Json object in Javascript using the post method: [{"id":"someid"},{"id":"anotherid"}]

I have used Andy's setup (Iterating over an array in JSON with Play 2.1.1) to parse json encoded arrays passed through using the post method (I moved the code into the controller for convenience)

  case class FBUser(
     id: String
  object FBUser {
    /** Uses a Scala Macro to define the Reads function */
    implicit val userReads: Reads[FBUser] = Json.reads[FBUser]
    implicit val fbUserFormat:Format[FBUser] = Json.format[FBUser]

  def doQuery = Action (parse.json){ implicit request =>

    val readIDFromInput =  (__).read[List[FBUser]]

    val IDs = request.body.validate(readIDFromInput)

      item => Ok(Json.toJson(item))
      err => BadRequest(JsError.toFlatJson(err))


This works as it should: it reads and returns the Json object. I have trouble using the Json object to create new variables. In this case, I would like to construct a Json object like {["someid", "anotherid"]} (that is, without "id")

First I tried: item => Ok(Json.toJson(item.id)) // trying to access item.id

But this resulted in an error: value id is not a member of object controllers.ScalaPoster.FBUser

I tried adding a function to the object (def getId():String = { return this.id } ). Accessing that (item.getId()) results in the same error.

All help is highly appreciated!

Edit (not enough reputation to answer my own question):

Adding another map function (Json.toJson(list.map{ item => item.id }) gives access to the id:

 case class FBUser(
     id: String
  implicit val fbUserFormat:Format[FBUser] = Json.format[FBUser]

  def doQuery = Action (parse.json){ implicit request =>

    var idsValid = true
    var badReq = Json.obj();

      val readIDFromInput =  (__).read[List[FBUser]]

      val listIDs = request.body.validate(readIDFromInput).map {

        case list => Json.toJson(list.map{ item => item.id } )
        e => {
          idsValid = false
          badReq = JsError.toFlatJson(e)  
          Json.arr() // empty array                                                                                          

    if( idsValid )
      BadRequest("Detected error:"+ badReq)         

Hope this may help others :)

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