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I'm wondering how I can test my implemented UserService (MyUserService) methods directly. I've imported MyUserService but it doesn't seem to recognize it.

The error is:

not found: value MyUserService

Thanks for any help you can give. Here's my test case for the find method.

Here's my test case...

"retrieve a user by UserId" in new WithApplication  {

  val user : Option[User]  = MyUserService.find(UserId("johnnyboy", "userpass"))

  val getUser = user.get

  getUser.uid must equalTo(Some(1))
  getUser.id.id must equalTo ("johnnyboy")
  getUser.id.providerId must equalTo("userpass")
  getUser.userType must equalTo(Some("admin"))
  getUser.firstName must equalTo("John")
  getUser.lastName must equalTo("Smith")
  getUser.fullName must equalTo("John Smith)
  getUser.email must equalTo(Some("johnsmith@gmail.com"))
  getUser.avatarUrl must equalTo(None)
  getUser.authMethod must equalTo(AuthenticationMethod("userPassword"))
  getUser.oAuth1Info must equalTo(None)
  getUser.oAuth2Info must equalTo(None)
  getUser.passwordInfo.get.hasher must equalTo(PasswordHasher.BCryptHasher)
  getUser.passwordInfo.get.password must      equalTo("$2a$10$eYPUTBSjprjKKmUf4m4XRuwurSxKKwbw13eP6WyDNk/LdpKgBytda")
  getUser.passwordInfo.get.salt must equalTo(None)

Thanks again.

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You should retrieve the MyUserService plugin instance from the play application and invoke the find method on the retrieved MyUserService instance. How you're doing it (as shown above) find would have to be defined in a MyUserService object.

Update: The MyUserService plugin can be retrieved like this:

"retrieve a user by UserId" in new WithApplication  {
  val userService = implicitApp.plugin(classOf[MyUserService]).get
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How do I retrieve the plugin instance? find is already defined in the object. Thanks! –  danielbh Jul 29 '13 at 18:20
Ok i tried it and got the following error... ould not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type org.specs2.execute.AsResult[plugins.MyUserService] [error] "retrieve a user by UserId" in new MyUserService(new FakeApplication()) { –  danielbh Jul 29 '13 at 18:38
This was my solution... gist.github.com/swpros/6107074 –  danielbh Jul 29 '13 at 19:33
I updated the answer with a code sample that shows how to retrieve the plugin instance. Btw, in scala an "object" creates a singleton object of a class, see e.g. twitter.github.io/scala_school/basics2.html#object. In this case, find is not defined on an object but on the class, and you can invoke it on an instance of the class. –  MartinGrotzke Jul 29 '13 at 21:06
I'd upvote but still new here. Thanks Martin it worked great. –  danielbh Jul 30 '13 at 7:28

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