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What is the way to implement custom transformation (+ animation) on a view surface (similar to the images attached) (not just the view bounds).

The question is mainly in what is the general way to do that (not exactly the 'water drop effect', but any examples would be appreciated for sure). I guess, that's some 'algorythmic' transformation of the layer layout 'grid', but not sure which way to 'dig' that in.

(Another thought is that might be achieved with using some frameworks, however, I would still need to understand the core logic).

Thank you!

transformation sample 1 transformation sample 2

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Read this excellent blog post by Bartosz Ciechanowski:

To wrap it up: Apple does this with private API around a class called 'CAMeshTransform'.

The author proposes an self-written substitute:

It's pretty amazing actually!

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Actually, it happened that I need some time for that stuff at the moment. But sounds amazingly, actually! Thank you for the answer anyway. Will have a look a bit later. – Agat May 25 '14 at 18:33

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