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I am creating an XML DTD, I have a group of tags and ONLY one, must contain an attribute. How do I enforce this in the DTD? Think of a multiple choice question/answer group. See below:

    <question>This is a question</question>
    <question>This is another question</question>
    <question answer="true">This is another question, but this is the correct choice</question>
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One possibility is to declare a new kind of element and allow it only once:

<!ELEMENT group (question*,questionWithAnswer,question*)>
<!ELEMENT question (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT questionWithAnswer (#PCDATA)>

<!ATTLIST questionWithAnswer type (true|false) #REQUIRED>
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Did you try this out? I was pretty sure it'd work. –  acdcjunior Aug 13 '13 at 5:57

As formulated, the constraint cannot be expressed in DTDs.

In DTDs, the validation of any element is essentially (modulo ID/IDREF) context-free, so each question element is validated in isolation from the others; there is no way to make the validation sensitive to external information like "One preceding sibling has a type attribute". The best approach to your design issue is that proposed by acdcjunior in his answer to the question: use the element type names to capture all the information relevant to validation.

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