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Is there a way to limit the representation of floating point numbers so that they correspond only to the prefixes used in physical units.

An example will make it clearer:

0.01   ->   currently       1e-02  
       ->   what I'd like   10e-03

0.0001   ->   currently       1e-04  
         ->   what I'd like   100e-06

The motivation behind it is that I'm doing some time measurements and having the representations as representations of 1000 is much more user friendly. I know that 10e-03 -> 10mili or 100e-06 -> 100u


For numpy 1.7< there is a formatter attribute in the set_printoptions(). The solution for which I'm heading for is writing an inline function which would do the formating. Once set, it the formatting should be available globally.

Reference about the formatter

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This is known as "engineering notation" and searching for "python engineering notation" will yield some recipes and code for you to use. –  Robert Kern Jul 29 '13 at 18:02

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I think that this topic might be helpful for you. On the other hand, I would try to create a few "buckets" for values in specific ranges and check a simple condition > (lowest value in range), then multiply that value by a range, e.g. 2e-5 by 1e6 to get 20u. Not quite efficient, but easy.

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