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I want to load current Python DLL via ctypes. I can load it like ctypes.windll.python33 but that depends on current version. I know that there is its handle in sys.dllhandle, but I don't know how to transform the handle in ctypes DLL object.

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maybe better ctypes.pythonapi ?

code from ctypes/

if in ("nt", "ce"):
    pythonapi = PyDLL("python dll", None, _sys.dllhandle)
elif _sys.platform == "cygwin":
    pythonapi = PyDLL("libpython%d.%d.dll" % _sys.version_info[:2])
    pythonapi = PyDLL(None)

If you want to load library by handle:

hndl = sys.dllhandle
pythondll = ctypes.CDLL('python dll',  handle=hndl)

PyDLL and WinDll subclasses CDll and differs by _func_flags_ attribute.

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