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Is there any way to listen to traffic on a specific port that another program is currently using, through the python socket module? For example:

                           |--> my program
external request -> Host ->|--> intended program

I am not looking to send back a response to the request, I simply want the traffic. I was looking at using the socket.SO_REUSEADDR method, but I think that's simply to avoid having to wait for the socket's timeout, not to allow another listener.

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The socket.SO_REUSEADDR option helps both applications to be bound to the same port and to receive packets destined for that port. So, I am not sure what you mean by your timeout note in the question. The only catch is that for some of the platforms, including Linux, both the sockets must set SO_REUSEADDR, else, the second socket not be able to bind. So, if you cannot modify the intended program (let us say, it is a standard third-party program), then using SO_REUSEADDR might be a problem.

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You can do that with scapy

see http://www.secdev.org/projects/scapy/doc/usage.html#sniffing

to use it in your own python program, you'd have to import the sniff command

from scapy.all import sniff
a=sniff("tcp and port 1337")

sniff has various options (callback functions, timeout, number of packets etc)

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is there any standard library function for this? I would prefer to stay away from external libraries. –  IT Ninja Jul 29 '13 at 18:05

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