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I am trying to match the Roman number from the I to IX with a regex.

val pattern = "(\\sI\\s|\\sII\\s|\\sIII\\s|\\sIV\\s|\\sV\\s|\\sVI\\s|\\sVII\\s|\\sVIII\\s|\\sIX\\s)".r

This can only matches the upper case. I want to ignore the case.

My test string is "Mark iii ".

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Try something like this:


where the (?i) enables case insensitive matching.

Note that you might want to use word boundaries instead of space chars:


otherwise "Mark iii." won't match.

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Thank you so much. This working. – qingpan Jul 29 '13 at 18:07

Use the Java regex special construct (?i) at the front of your regex for case-insensitive matching:

val patternic = """(?i)(\sI\s|\sII\s|\sIII\s|\sIV\s|\sV\s|\sVI\s|\sVII\s|\sVIII\s|\sIX\s)""".r

Example in scala interpreter:

scala>   val pattern =
pattern: scala.util.matching.Regex = (\sI\s|\sII\s|\sIII\s|\sIV\s|\sV\s|\sVI\s|\sVII\s|\sVIII\s|\sIX\s)

scala>   pattern findPrefixMatchOf " VI "
res3: Option[scala.util.matching.Regex.Match] = Some( VI )

scala>   pattern  findPrefixMatchOf " vi "
res6: Option[scala.util.matching.Regex.Match] = None

scala>   val patternic = """(?i)(\sI\s|\sII\s|\sIII\s|\sIV\s|\sV\s|\sVI\s|\sVII\s|\sVIII\s|\sIX\s)""".r
patternic: scala.util.matching.Regex = (?i)(\sI\s|\sII\s|\sIII\s|\sIV\s|\sV\s|\sVI\s|\sVII\s|\sVIII\s|\sIX\s)

scala>   patternic findPrefixMatchOf " VI "
res7: Option[scala.util.matching.Regex.Match] = Some( VI )

scala>   patternic findPrefixMatchOf " vi "
res9: Option[scala.util.matching.Regex.Match] = Some( vi )
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