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I have a Rails app that uses the pg_search gem to leverage the Full Text Search capabilities of PostgreSQL.

The manual says about searching a model that has (for instance) a has_many relation:

Searching through associations

It is possible to search columns on associated models. Note that if you do this, it will be impossible to speed up searches with database indexes. However, it is supported as a quick way to try out cross-model searching.

The last lines seems to suggest that this is a good way to prototype searching through associations. And yes, it works indeed. But I typically have a 10 second latency for returning results. Is there a way to to have cross-model searching that is also fast?

Is it: search both models separately, then merge the results?

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Did you ensure that you have a index on the table that is used by the model that has the belongs_to association? If not or you don't know, post the schema and we can write it for you –  ilan berci Jul 29 '13 at 18:35
Hey. Do you mean my schema.rb? I think in the migration I execute some PostgreSQL command that Rails doesn't recognize, should I add them with add_index as well? Thanks! –  Maarten Jul 29 '13 at 21:00

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What I did as a workaround, added a str_* column to my main table, and update this column when an element is saved:

  before_validation(on: :save) do
    self.str_abbreviations = join_abbreviations()
    # ... etc, append all columns I'd like to search through ...
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I am sorry, could you please explain what exactly this column stores? –  JustMichael Mar 23 at 10:51
It stores the appended string of the all columns I'd like to search through. I should've made that more clear. –  Maarten Mar 24 at 11:43
I see, thank you for explaining. I was trying to make it all work with pg_search myself and spent a day on it, trying to put all the triggers to change tsv columns, add indexes, make it work though associations and etc and I did, but it worked very slow anyway, maybe I did something wrong, I dont know... But then I simply changed to Sphinx and made it work pretty fast and easily. Maybe you should check it out yourself :) –  JustMichael Mar 25 at 3:46
by the way, when I was working with pg_search and tried to search like 10 keywords, it could take seconds, if not tens of seconds, which is a bad thing if you use unicorn as a web server, it simply ties its instance. but again, maybe I simply did something wrong –  JustMichael Mar 25 at 3:50

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