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What I have: I have a folder that has many other folders and files within it. I need to get a list of the paths to all files that are within a folder called l1. There are many different folders called l1 within my main directory, so I have to search for each l1 folder and return the paths to each file within it. I have been able to print a list of all the l1 folder locations, but I don't know how to list the files within these locations. The code I have for finding the locations of all the l1 folders is below.


use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Find;
my @folder;
sub wanted {
    if ( -d && $_ eq 'l1' ) {
        push @folder, $File::Find::name;
find \&wanted, '/mnt/vbox_share/';
open fp, ">process.txt";
print fp "@folder";

What do I need to modify or add to be able to list all file paths that are within the folders I searched for?

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This is all that's needed.

  • wanted ignores everything but files, discarding directories and links

  • The full path to the file is in $File::Find::name when wanted is being executed

  • Splitting that on / and taking the last but one element $path[-2] finds the name of the parent directory

  • print the full file path if that directory equals l1


use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Find;

find( \&wanted, '/path/to/root/dir');

sub wanted {
  return unless -f;
  my @path = split /\//, $File::Find::name;
  print $File::Find::name, "\n" if @path > 1 and $path[-2] eq 'l1';
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