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The name of the function is stored in the value of another function and i need to call the function using the other function.

I need to call popup() function

random() = 'popup()'

if ($.cookie('optin-page')) {


i tried

if ($.cookie('optin-page')) {
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You can't assign a value to the return value of a function call. The left hand side of a statement with = in it cannot end in (). (i.e. the first line of your code is an error).

If you want to call a global function with a name that matches the return value of a function called random then you can:


… but any time you are thinking about doing that, you should probably be storing those functions in an object and then calling them as methods of that object:

var foo = { 
    a: function () { 
function picker() { 
    return "a";
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im sorry, i forgot to say that the function returns that value. it is not directly assigned. – jesusjjf Jul 29 '13 at 20:41
He's got the right idea of it. The string has to just be the function name, without the parentheses, like so: window["functionName"](arguments); – milestyle Jul 29 '13 at 20:54

I think you'd be better off with a switch or something rather than just calling whatever string you get back...

var functionToCall = random();

case 'popup()':
case 'function2()':
    // throw an error INVALID FUNCTION CALLED

This allows you to introduce error handling.

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