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How do you access the built in Compoundjs helper methods from a noeval controller?

From an eval'd controller the helper functions seem to get loaded automatically and they are just accessible by doing something like this:

before('protectFromForgery', function () {

But not sure what the best way is to access them from a non-eval'd controller.

They seem to be located in /compound/node_modules_kontroller/lib/helpers.js

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Figured it out. All the built-in helper methods are just attached to the controller context object. (The variable 'c' in the following examples)

So you would do something like this:

//Example of noeval controller: app/controllers/car.js:

module.exports = CarController;

// load parent controller
var Essentials = require('./essentials');

function CarController(init) {
    // call parent constructor
    Essentials.call(this, init);

    init.before(function protectFromForgery(c) {
    }, {only: 'accelerate'});


// setup inheritance
require('util').inherits(CarController, Essentials);

CarController.prototype.accelerate = function(c) {

CarController.prototype.brake = function(c) {
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