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I am a learner and I am Developing a web application. First I am Registering and storing values in a database in 1st table. 1st Table is registration table it Contains 3 columns and mobile is unique key in it

ID |   Name    | Mobile
1  |  Himanshu | 9411154321
2  |  Hunny    | 9997421931

Now 2nd Table named message also Contains 3 columns

ID |   Mobile    | Message
1  |  9411154321 | Hello 1st msg 
2  |  9999999999 | 2nd msg from another number
3  |  9411154321 | 3rd msg 
4  |  9999900000 | 4th msg

In the 2nd table there will be real time updation i.e in message table. I want to search is, the mobile number stored in 2nd table match with 1st table. If match found in the 1st table then only it process further, otherwise it display an error.

I dont knw what query to use in PHP/ Mysql to match this. Please help.

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My simple query:

FROM second_table LEFT OUTER JOIN first_table
  ON first_table.Mobile = second_table.Mobile;

More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Join_(SQL)

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