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I am having a lot of trouble getting answers on the Cygwin message boards, so I am trying Stack Overflow instead.

I have two questions about developing code using Cygwin. In the source code for Cygwin in their Winbase.h file they replace the use of the InterLockedCompareExchange function with their own inline assembly version of it. I am guessing that they do that because they want their code to be portable and not rely on a Windows function, which I believe InterLockedCompareExchange is. But if I am developing using Cygwin exclusively on my Windows development only, can't I just use InterLockedCompareExchange and not use the Cygwin inline assembler version?

My second question has to do with compiling a program using the Cygwin source code. Whenever I compile I get an error that says "error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES'". I researched this on the Internet and there did seem to be other people with this problem, but I didn't see any clear solutions to it.

Thank you in adavance to anyone who can help me with these issues.

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