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I Want to be able to find a certain word with in a string. Here is an example of code

    String names[];

    names[] = "bob, frank, mark, gary";

    if(names[] contains "bob"){ //do code}

This is obviously not how the code works but it gives you the idea of what I want to achieve.

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You can either search for it yourself like this:

boolean contains = false;

for (int i = 0; i < names.length; i++) 
    if (names[i].equals("bob"))
         contains = true;

Or you can use a function

boolean contains = Arrays.asList(names).contains("bob");
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You can also use the .toString method of the Arrays util class:

String[] names = new String[] { "Alice", "Bob", "Cloud Strife" };



This only works on string arrays :)

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for(String name : names){
  if (name.contains("bob")){
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