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I'm trying to add a little vertical banner to my magento store's theme. One that is position: fixed; and aligned top: 50%; right: 0; with the text rotated 90deg.

I'd like to have it setup via a cms block so I can change the text easier at a later date (gist link shows this). I'm unsure where / how to include this template onto my theme. My initial thought was to somehow include it into page.xml, specifically page/html_footer but I'm not even sure there. I'm very green when it comes to Magento.

My setup is shown in this gist link where I have a static block added via the Magento Admin Panel, a template that checks whether said block is enabled and displays itself, and a stub/mock of the layout xml.

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The biggest issue I see is your block type for your vertical banner, where you are using the type page/html - this is a block type in my experience typically reserved for one-time use (where all other blocks are a child of this one).

Try replacing this with the core/template block type.

One other note would be that you don't necessarily need a separate template to accomplish this. If you simply use the <block type="cms/block"> without the block wrapping this, you could then just call the banner from within your footer.phtml file using the same method as you would have in vertical-banner.phtml. Hope this helps.

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