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I am trying to access the BeanManager in Jboss 7.1 through JNDI but without success. I tried injecting it and directly accessing it from jndi. I am able to deploy and access the session bean from client. Below is my code,Please help

public class CustomerSessionBean implements ICustomerSessionBean{

     * Default constructor. 
    public CustomerSessionBean() {
        // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

    public boolean addCustomer(Customer customer) {
        BeanManager beanManager = null;
        try {
            beanManager = (BeanManager) InitialContext.doLookup("java:comp/BeanManager");
        } catch (NamingException e) {
            // TODO Auto-generated catch block
        System.out.println("Customer: "+customer+"Bean Manager"+beanManager);
        return true;
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What's the stack trace say? Do yo have beans.xml in the correct location? – LightGuard Jul 30 '13 at 17:42
Thank you i misplaced the beans.xml modified it to point to META-INF. Got fixed now thanks alot – user1188867 Jul 31 '13 at 2:54

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