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I attempted to use glob() to recursively grab all the image files from the thumbnails directory of a CS CART installation but it failed to work. When I applied the same code to image directories, it worked.

Below is my PHP Script:

$img_folder = "../httpdocs/images/thumbnails/*/";   
$files = glob($img_folder . "*.{jpg,jpeg,png,gif}", GLOB_BRACE);
echo "<br>";
foreach($files as $file) {
    echo "Uploading ";
    echo "<br>";

My directory setup for the 'images' folder:

       +-- thumbnails
       +-- detailed
       +-- products

The above script works perfectly fine for 'detailed' and 'products' folder but not for 'thumbnails' folder.

How should I fix the problem ?


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Try to replace

$img_folder = "../httpdocs/images/thumbnails/*/";


$img_folder = "../httpdocs/images/thumbnails/";



You are looking for images in subdirectories of thumbnails folder, but not in the folder itself.

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