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I am using TimeSpanPicker in my application. Default value of the textbox in the TimeSpanPicker is something like "00:00:00" which its type is TimeSpan.

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 TimeSpanPicker ts = new TimeSpanPicker ();
 ts.Value = TimeSpan.Parse("00:00:00");

I am trying to change the value of timespanpicker to a string but I face with an error. How can I solve this problem?


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what error are you seeing? – Alastair Pitts Jul 30 '13 at 5:56
FormatEXception was unhandled by user code An exception of type 'system.FormatException' occured in mscorlib.dll but was not handled in user code – Bahador Saket Jul 30 '13 at 5:59

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Would TimeSpan.ToString() do the trick for you? else this post might help u as well

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we dont have something like TimeSpan.ToString() – Bahador Saket Jul 30 '13 at 6:01

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