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I have one class:

public class CustomClass
    public string Columns;
    public string Filter;

    public string SourceDB;
    public string SourceTable;

    public string DestinationDB;
    public string DestinationTable;

In the user settings, I need to store an array of CustomClass. This is because I need the user ability to specifiy multiple CustomClass in the app.config file.

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Look at implementing your own configuration handler, these can have multiple entries and can be customised to have multiple fields. – ChrisBint Jul 30 '13 at 6:17

You will have to start by creating a setting in your project settings file, let's name it CustomClasses. The next part is a little bit tricky, as it involves editing the XML of the Settings.settings file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<SettingsFile xmlns="" 
  <Profiles />
    <Setting Name="CustomClasses" 

If you open your Settings.Designer.cs file, you should have now:

public global::System.Collections.Generic
    .List<ConsoleApplication1.CustomClass> CustomClasses {
    get {
        return ((global::System.Collections.Generic
    set {
        this["CustomClasses"] = value;

You can save the setting in your application:

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Properties.Settings.Default.CustomClasses = new List<CustomClass>() {
            new CustomClass(){Columns="columns1"},
            new CustomClass(){Columns="columns2"},
            new CustomClass(){Columns="columns3"},
            new CustomClass(){Columns="columns4"}
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You can declare a CustomClassSection in App.config, and declare inside a collection of CustomClass instances. Something like:

        <section name="CustomClassSection" type = "A type of class section " />

    <CustomClass Columns="column1" Filter="filter1" SourceDB="sourcedb1" SourceTable="sourcetable1" DestinationDB="destdb1" DestinationTable="desttable1"/>
    <CustomClass Columns="column2" Filter="filter2" SourceDB="sourcedb2" SourceTable="sourcetable2" DestinationDB="destdb2" DestinationTable="desttable2"/>

You can see how work with sections here: How to create custom config section in app.config?.

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