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I had to make my custom pagination helper in CakePHP because the one that cake provides didn't suit my needs. Still, everything was fine about the data retrieval and per-page grouping, but now when I want to generate the links on the bottom of the page (say, < previous, next > and the numbering), I can't make the links work as intended.

I found that the problem is the HtmlHelper escaping the href portion of the links, so when I generate a link via $this->Html->link() like:

$this->Html->link('Next >',array('controller' => 'topic','action' => 'list','page:2'));

It outputs:

<a href="http://exam.ple/topic/list/page%3A2">Next &gt;</a>

Putting escape = false as an option didn't work either.

So is there a way to avoid escaping the url in links in HtmlHelper?

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How did you try escape=>false? Please show the code. Because that is (the documented) way of doing this actually. Also documented is how you properly use named params. –  mark Jul 30 '13 at 7:49
didn't suit my needs - how so? –  AD7six Jul 30 '13 at 9:11
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It should be:

$this->Html->link('Next >', 
    array('controller' => 'topic', 'action' => 'list', 'page' => '2'), 
    array('escape' => false));

Named params need to be properly added as key value pairs.

This is also in the docs.

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Thank you very much! I read de docs but it seems that I missed that part. It works fine now. Thanks! –  Eagle Jul 30 '13 at 14:34
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