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Is it possible to only display particular category (e.g. 'homepage') posts on the Tumblr frontpage?

The other categories I want to be available using a 'redirect' page which.

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No not possible unfortunately.

Only possible is there to hide certain categories using css.

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Duplicate of this question.

The short answer is yes, but Marcel Overdijk is correct in that the only solution is hiding posts via CSS. Basically we're just hiding the posts that don't have a "featured" tag with "display:none;".

Follow this guide:

(Inspired by mircealungu's suggestion here.)

1. Find the article tag, and add the classname:

class="notfeatured {TagsAsClasses}"

If it already has a classname, add the part in bold above inside the classname quotes. Mine ended up looking like this:

<article id="{PostID}" class="post notfeatured {TagsAsClasses} {PostType}{block:PermalinkPage} {block:Date}not-{/block:Date}page{/block:PermalinkPage}">

2. Find the div tag that precedes the article tag, and add the classname:

class="{block:TagPage} tag_page {/block:TagPage}{block:PermalinkPage}perma_page{/block:PermalinkPage}"

Again, if a class already exists, just add the part in bold above inside the classname quotes. Mine ended up like this:

<div id="posts" class="{block:TagPage} tag_page {/block:TagPage}{block:PermalinkPage}perma_page{/block:PermalinkPage}" >

3. Finally, add this to your CSS:

article.notfeatured {display: none;}
article.featured, .tag_page article.notfeatured, .perma_page article.notfeatured {display: block;}

Now any post tagged as "featured" will display on your home page, but nothing else. So far no issues for me, it works great! You can see it here.

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