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I have a cluster with following settings:

  • 4 data nodes - 2 of them are master nodes
  • 2 indices - 12 shard per index - 1 replica per index
  • Each index has nearly 220GB data.

Because of a reason that I don't know yet, my master nodes are killed.(But this is not our point) After, I restart my cluster, replica shards become unassigned and started to reallocate. This causes cluster to turn into yellow state and takes hours to build replicas.

I immediately shutdown ES and tried to find a solution. Only reasonable solution was the following, but it didn't worked either.

cluster.routing.allocation.disable_replica_allocation = true

So my question is, how can I prevent replica shard reallocation on cluster restarts? Aren't those replicas already there and distributed evenly? Why reallocates?

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