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I updated cordova to latest version (3.0.3) then try to follow basic tutorial to deploy for android devices with Eclipse : http://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/3.0.0rc1/guide_platforms_android_index.md.html#Android%20Platform%20Guide

But i get errors on eclipse :

DroidGap cannot be resolved to a type   CV.java /CV/src/come/example/cv line 25 Java Problem
The import org.apache.cordova cannot be resolved    CV.java /CV/src/come/example/cv line 23 Java Problem
The method onCreate(Bundle) of type CV must override or implement a supertype method    CV.java /CV/src/come/example/cv line 28 Java Problem
DroidGap cannot be resolved to a type   CV.java /CV/src/come/example/cv line 30 Java Problem
Config cannot be resolved   CV.java /CV/src/come/example/cv line 32 Java Problem

Can somebody help me ?

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